Pallet Media Console Table with Bookshelves

recycled pallet media console with bookshelves

Now you are going to view a really functional behavior of pallet wood which is the chic organization of your media. We have reclaimed a DIY pallet media console table out of pallets which we got from the near one nursery. Pallet board we received was full of gunk and some ugly spots. We made… [Read More]

DIY Perfect Pallet Coffee Table

recycled pallet coffee table

Get your hands onto pallet wood to attain some really fetching wooden behaviors DIY pallet outdoor furniture which completes the routine tasks of home. We have a one great pallet skid whose one side has fully been damaged. We cut it down from the middle and build this DIY pallet coffee table which has a… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Wood Spice Rack

recycled pallet spice rack

Pallet wood can also be involved in reforming your kitchen by adding some DIY pallet kitchen shelves and some other functional wooden settings. This DIY pallet spice rack is also a great improvement for your kitchen and can hold on many of spices jars which are every time need of a kitchen. If you really… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Kitchen Bar Island

recycled pallet kitchen bar island

Kitchen tasks always need a table and there are various types for kitchen table that have much functional behaviors. Kitchen bar table is also one of the great types of kitchen tables. We have reclaimed a DIY pallet kitchen bar island table from pallet wood which we got from the backyard of our home. The… [Read More]

DIY Barn Wood Pallet End Table

recycled pallet end table

We do a dozens of tasks on living room sofa and chair while being in the living room. We watch TV, enjoy our morning coffee and sometimes read books at summer afternoons by sitting on living room sofa. To support this plenty of tasks we always need a side table and this DIY pallet end… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Two Cat Stairs and a Bed

two pallet cat stairs and a bed

Pets can provide a never ending way of enjoyments if you take some wise steps to provide some chic playing stations. This DIY pallet two cat stairs and a bed design has purely been reclaimed out of shipping pallets and the journey of our cat from stairs to its DIY pallet pet bed is much… [Read More]

Clean Top Pallet Coffee Table with Storage

recycled pallet coffee table with storage

We have recently added a DIY pallet coffee table to our blog which is inspired from factory wheel carts. You can also use it as DIY pallet chest for some secured and extra storage space due to its removable top. You can position and further design it for various home plans without any alteration in… [Read More]

DIY Pallet End Table and Nightstand

recycled pallet end table and nightstand

Almost every type of furniture is possible out of pallet wood you just need to have a creative eye on each lump and shrunk of pallets which comes in your eyes. We saw some really healthy pallet skids in the backyard and it proved a lucky draw for us and we made it reclaimed for… [Read More]

DIY Colorful Top Pallet Dining Table

reclaimed pallet industrial dining table

Dining is the great event and time in daily routines when there takes place a family gets together. This amusing type of table can be unaffordable to many of us but don’t worry we have a great DIY pallet wood idea to attains this beautiful type of table. Recently we have added a chic DIY… [Read More]

DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table with Wheels

reclaimed pallet coffee table with wheels

Pallet has given us many bold and prominent products that can signify any dwelling and home rustically. Some DIY pallet furniture and commodities give much precious and hear touching look and look so young and unique, this DIY pallet coffee table is also one of them. We have achieved it from creative dismantling and reassembling… [Read More]