DIY Pallet Table and TV stand

upcycled pallet table and TV stand

We happen to find some rustic pallet wood and lumber wood remains and we make them combined in a defined and visible shape. This came up with a very nice DIY pallet table and TV stand scheme which is the dire need of every cozy dwelling. We see the charming trends of TV stand in… [Read More]

Pallet Coffee Table Wheels and Storage

repurposed pallet coffee table with storage

We are here with a very arresting pallet exposure of DIY pallet coffee table which came up with a very charming utility purpose. We have used pallet wood in barn wood and lumber nature which we got from our kind neighbors. Tow different color of the wood make a chic combinations which held much precious… [Read More]

Colorful DIY Pallet Coffee Table

upcycled pallet coffee table

We see a lot of tends of DIY furniture every day while we surf the internet. They are not just to view to on internet, you can try them too with your own effort. We had seen this DIY colorful pallet coffee table on the internet and we targeted it to craft it at home…. [Read More]

DIY Pallet Storage Trunk

recycled pallet trunk with rope pulls

There are always great rush of things in home which need to be mannered and securely stored like cloths, books and kid’s toys. If you are also having same things to store in home then this DIY pallet trunk will be a great addition to make you get with a secured storage space. We are… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Natural Stained Coffee Table

recycled pallet coffee table

Coffee table is the dire need of home and we use it in routines and it plays very vital role while we think for furniture to support the beverage and meals. Here we have consumed just a one big one pallet skid to produce a very charming and overcoming design of DIY pallet coffee table… [Read More]

DIY Industrial Pallet Outdoor Table

reclaimed pallet industrial outdoor table

Get another artful DIY pallet coffee table which has been built just to last. We are introducing to you a very unique wood recycling and crafting trend which is through to gain great services. We have again handcrafted a DIY pallet industrial outdoor table which is just ultimate in sturdiness due to attachment of metal… [Read More]

DIY Pallet bed with Storage and Headboard

recycled pallet bed with headboard and storage

Industrial design of bed becomes some time unaffordable to people having average income. But the beds also held much necessary to any home. If you are really suffering a short budget and income and have a wish to have a bed then this DIY pallet bed with storage and headboard idea will be a perfect… [Read More]

Pallet Industrial Coffee Table

repurposed pallet steel coffee table

We are sure that you would have been seen a lots of DIY pallet furniture projects and furniture but we would like to share with you a very charming pallet crafting phenomenon. We have handcrafted a DIY industrial pallet coffee table with pallet wood and rustic metal scrap recycling at home. This is one table… [Read More]

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Wood Coffee Table

repurposed pallet coffee table

Why not reclaim the old wood if you are facing some furniture deficiencies that hold a prominent place in the home routines. We have gone for handcrafting and recycling of old and aged shipping pallet at home and got this DIY pallet coffee table which plays a vital role in home. You may use this… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Small Animal Hutch

upcycled pallet small animal hutch

Peoples loves to have pets and some domestic animal like chickens and rabbits, you may also have pets. If you are having some rabbits and small little chicken, are the secured from predators like cats? What you have planned to get them perfectly secured? If you are still in search of some secured home for… [Read More]