DIY Pallet Garden Workbench – BBQ Table

reclaimed pallet garden work bench

We always need table for indoor and outdoor use like coffee tables, dining tables and decorative tables. However, there are also some great options to build them for home and most popular one is pallet wood recycling. Pallets are providing the highly cheaper ways to get modern styles of furniture for amazing functionality of home…. [Read More]

DIY Pallet Coat Rack – Key Organizer

upcycled pallet coat rack and key organizer

Make your home look warm and beautiful with stunning furniture and decorative objects out of pallets. Recycling of pallets leads to cheaper ways while organizing your home on a budget. You may require shelves, cabinets, chest, tables, chairs, beds and even the outside garden lounger or poolside chairs, all can perfectly be designed using pallets… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table – Unique and Creative Style!

recycled pallet modern coffee table with steel base

There would be any of us which are love the furniture with totally unique styles. A unique and elegant piece of furniture can compliment any room and would definitely be a center of attention. If you really want some creative recycling of pallets then this DIY pallet coffee table with metal steel base will surely… [Read More]

DIY Pallet and Metal Side Tables

handmade pallet and metal side tables

What you have planned ahead to recycle out of pallets? Do you need some fresh DIY pallet furniture projects to hold the attention of the viewers? Here we are to introduce you to some more fetching types of creative pallet reclaiming and upcycling. In this inspiring furniture idea pallet and metal has been merged together… [Read More]

DIY Painted Pallet Slatted Wood Stool

recycled pallet painted slatted wood stool

If you make the pallet wood projects painted they can be much more enticing. Here we are going to share with a DIY pallet furniture idea having nice sayings and words on its surface. Here comes this DIY pallet painted wood slatted stool that has three slatted lengths painted in pink and each has unique… [Read More]

DIY Sunburst Round Topped Pallet Coffee Table

upcycled pallet round topped coffee table

Sharp and highly creative designs of furniture can give a fetching view to any interior space. This time we are introducing a very unique object reclaimed with pallets that can render unconsciousness on you with its highly creative and mesmerizing design. Yes, we are talking about the enticing elegance of furniture, the DIY sunburst round… [Read More]

Upcycled Pallet End Table

recycled pallet end table with horse shoe tag

In this modern age everything has a great versatility according to uses in home. Same thing carries the furniture of home especially the tables of home which are much versatile in designs, functions and trends as well. You can prefer any luxurious style or an antique style as well to go relevantly according to interior… [Read More]

DIY Sleek Pallet Table Caddy with Handles

diy pallet table caddy

We mostly need most of spices and cutlery on dining tables where we enjoy great family get together. However the caddies are the necessity of your dining routines and really help us to organize our cutlery and spices on a serving table. The good news is that you can make them with pallets with amazing… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Set of 4 Coasters

hand polished pallet coasters

Often beverage and food spills on tables makes us disturbed and also create the unpleasing marks on table surfaces. So here we are providing the way about how to be safe from these disgusting situations. Use the table coasters to place your hot pans and beverage utensils instead of directly putting them on any table… [Read More]

Repurposed Pallet Wood Coffee Table

upcycled pallet coffee table with rolling movement

Furniture is the need for all the time you are in home. You find the ways through it about how to entertain your guests and how to enjoy your favorite TV show or program by sitting comfortably on living room couch. All these desires cannot be met with anything else but fashionable furniture. If you… [Read More]