DIY Pallet Lemonade Stand

diy pallet lemonade stand

Pallet wood gives the quality wooden product and goes much light to our wallet and free of cost most of times. Now we are with a favorable kid’s pallet craft to make them able to start their own home business out of it. We have reclaimed a DIY pallet lemonade stand to sell the beverage,… [Read More]

Industrial Pallet Aluminum Table Lamp

recycled pallet aluminum table lamp

Lamps enjoy a dominant place in home and provides us light where we needed like in living room, bedroom and held also much gracious while being on table. We like antique style and restored a nice DIY pallet aluminum table lamp out of pallet wood and it can compete any industrially prepared lamp model. The… [Read More]

DIY Art: Pallet Bird House

recycled pallet bird house

There were few rustic remains of pallet wood moving here and there in home, and were leftover after the previous pallet wood project. While taking a visit our garden place there was a rush of birds on tree and many were our favorite one creature there. To hold them just close to us we resurrected… [Read More]

Wood Pallet Wall Shelf with Hooks

recycled pallet shelf with hooks

Little things which are often considered not to be worthy any more can be reused to have beautiful and serviceable home utilities. We happen to get a well defined piece of pallet wood and some hooks from the home scrap. From these two useless items which were not in use we gain a terrific wall… [Read More]

Pallet Antique Caged Light Chandelier

diy pallet light chandelier

Electricity is a great invention and will brighten up the name of its inventor as long as we are surrounded with lights which now a part of every traditional or modern styled interior and are a worthy reason to any home decors in every single sense. To recollect the prehistoric memories and in order to… [Read More]

Pallet Hanging lounger with Cushions

recycled pallet hanging lounger

When you intend to enjoy the outdoor the most common type of furniture which gets on your mind for serene sitting is the lounging chair. We have constructed a hanging pallet lounger with a creative twist which is to make it capable for hanging which would be a lot of fun. We have tried to… [Read More]

Chevron Pallet Coffee Table with Hairpins Legs

recycled chevron coffee table

When we talk about the cozy seating plan for any of home exterior or interior, coffee table matters a lot in that case. It counts for a great worth at the front of any pallet wood sofa or chair set. Now the model of DIY pallet coffee table which we have achieved in past week… [Read More]

Handcrafted Rustic Pallet Bookcase

upcycled pallet bookcase

We have got have marvelous and stunning types of wood pallet furniture and many ornamental and decorative plans too from pallet wood. This time we have chosen a DIY pallet bookcase project to be in our living room or bedroom, both locations will be rocking. We have shaped up a nice box first like a… [Read More]

Pallet X-Shaped Side Table

recycled pallet side table

The living room is the most visited room by the guests and family members. So its become a dire need to make it accomplished in every single sense whether it is furniture related or decors related. We give a well defined shape to pallet wood to come up with a crossed patterned pallet X-Shaped side… [Read More]

Rustic Pallet TV Stand and Media Console

recycled pallet TV stand and media console

It is now a trend to build a separate media room in the house. Most of times media room gets attached to the living room for both seating and amusing plans under one roof. You can not relish the media room if you lack a better and systematized shelving scheme or table. We have shaped… [Read More]