Pallet Sofa Side Table/ Entryway Table

recycled pallet side table and entry way table

We went for a great home scrap dive and found some rustic pieces of wood. We reclaimed them all in to get and made this DIY pallet sofa side table out of them. The pieces were from cedar, oak and pine wood pallets so the sturdiness is guaranteed. Overcoming top of this table has been… [Read More]

DIY Wooden Pallet Computer Desk

recycled pallet computer desk

If you are new in pallet wood recycling then this DIY pallet furniture will be the best plan to try out at home to take a good start. Some simple but creative changes in the pallet can make you get with most sophisticated types of wooden objects just like this DIY wooden pallet computer desk… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Nightstand / End Table

recycled pallet end table and nightstand

There are some kinds of furniture especially that of tables which play a great supporting role in besides of living room sofa and bedroom. These types of tables are nightstand table and end table. We have reclaimed a DIY pallet nightstand out of reclaiming of wood got from the home and it will also be… [Read More]

Recycled Pallet Wood Table or Bench

reclaimed pallet table and bench

Pallet can be found everywhere in the surroundings as these shipping skid become useless after retirement from the ships. You can make many swank and extraordinary uses of pallet wood just like this DIY reclaimed pallet table or bench design. This custom built type of DIY pallet table can be used in multiple ways without… [Read More]

DIY Rustic Pallet Large Shelf

recycled pallet large wall shelf idea on a budget.

Shelves are great addition to home walls; we do not only secure things on them but also get a charming display of them. Shelves are mostly that of wooden nature and we have also reclaimed a DIY pallet rustic large shelf piece out of shipping pallet skids which is the easiest way to get useful… [Read More]

Pallet Daybed / Pallet Lounge Chair

recycled pallet daybed and lounging chair

Every type of furniture is possible out of pallet wood recycling and you can build anything according you your own creative desires through reclaiming of pallets. Here we have prepared a very creative type of DIY pallet furniture which can serve you in multiple ways at one time. We have made a DIY pallet daybed… [Read More]

Pallet Wood Garden Bench

diy pallet white and black garden bench

Pallet wood can also be used magically to renew the old and collapsed furniture of home. We have here reclaimed an old twin bed headboard and foot boards and add a patch of pallet wood at the berth section this work done came up with a very hilarious DIY pallet wood bench which can be… [Read More]

Pallet Handmade Recycled Dog Bed

upcycled pallet dog bed

Pets are only to please us they also demand to do something really favorable for them in revenge. If you really love your dog or cat pet then this DIY pallet dog bed idea will be a great choice to do something extraordinary in honor of your pet. We have gone for a custom built… [Read More]

DIY Recycled Pallet Garden Sofa

recycled pallet upholstered garden bench

Sometimes we feel suffocating in home when there is great hot in summers. Then we choose the garden or terrace to be chill out. For a reliable and comfortable sitting at terrace and garden we have reclaimed a DIY pallet terrace sofa which we have raised in very royal appearance. We have totally used the… [Read More]

Pallet Wood SideTable for Outdoor

recycled pallet end table

Living room couches and sofas mostly demand for a great side support to put on a lamp shade and artful and decorative toys. We have made a DIY pallet side table by recycling of some rescued pallets. We found these pallet skids in the surrounding area where most of the people pile such a pallet… [Read More]