Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table with Storage

handmade wood pallet coffee table

The DIY products reclaimed from the salvaged pallet wood, are mouth piece of best quality, creativity, craftsmanship to satisfy your thirst of luxurious, functional and stylish furniture at a low maintenance. This pallet coffee table with storage truly confirms what we acclaimed earlier for its unique and wise construction and whimsical presence. The coffee table… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Sofa Table – Console Table

sofa table made of pallets

If you think that your interior home decor needs an extra embellishing touch to look more graceful and appealing than look forward to this DIY wood pallet sofa table which can be pushed up against any wall or your sofa for the icing on the cake. The table is built from the hand selected pallet… [Read More]

Pallet Wood Media Unit and Computer Desk

repurposed pallet upright media table or computer desk

Pallets can be rebuilt to either home furniture element with specific vision in mind! Thoughts and imaginations different widely from person to person that is the reason behind this so nicely flourished world of pallet wood recycling! A person liking every unique style of decors, can find the pallet-made stuff here in accord to that… [Read More]

Painted Pallet and Beadboard Bookcase

reclaimed pallet and beadboard bookshelf

Books are great friends and there are many of us they love to book reading in their spare and free time! They just only avoid us to get bored but also a big source to get useful info about each and every department you are interested in! So these treasures of knowledge should be not… [Read More]

Pallet Stool with Round Shape Berth

wooden pallet round top stool

Stools help us in plenty of ways as you can sit on them, can use them to reach the higher wall shelves and a can use some of them with low heights to unfold your legs while being seated on a couch or chair! They just meet the immediate sitting demands of home and their… [Read More]

Reclaimed Pallet Outdoor Chair

recycled pallet outdoor beefy chair

Without installing appropriate furniture elements to your outdoor, you outdoor may look like a barren land! Furniture really gives the presence of life there and makes your outdoor inviting and noteworthy! Pallet-made outdoor furniture is now in trends and this DIY pallet outdoor chair is one more new addition to pallet outdoor furniture gallery and… [Read More]

DIY Rustic Pallet Coffee Mug Holder

recycled pallet coffee mug rack

Now pallet wood presents a beautiful gift to those of tea and coffee lovers! It’s time to take good care of your coffee mugs and also to store them in impressive ways! Just make a little square shape using some bits and pieces of pallets and get this DIY rustic pallet coffee mug holder by… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Lumber Unique Side Table

diy unique pallet lumber end table

Pallets are made of a variety of wooden species like that of a lumber, pine, oak and mahogany! Each wood has its own specific properties and environmental profile but lumber is a really a high quality wood and have prominent features! By recycling of some leftover lumber pallet pieces this DIY pallet lumber unique side… [Read More]

Recycled Pallet and Old Window Coffee Table

diy pallet and old window coffee table

Some time the deleted material of home can lead to very better performing items. Pallet wood is now a days is a popular material for recycling purposes and people around the globe are taking great interest in pallet wood products. This time we have shaped up a DIY old window coffee table using pallets and… [Read More]

Artful Pallet Vintage Coffee Table

repurposed pallet artful vintage coffee table

There are numerous ways to make the pallets reclaimed to your interesting objects of furniture, there are also plenty of ways to give personal touch to your handmade DIY pallet furniture projects . This DIY pallet artful vintage coffee table has purely been raised on personal desires and has been made by readjusting the pallet… [Read More]