DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Casters

recycled pallet coffee table

We have reclaimed a plenty of coffee tables for indoor and outdoor of our home and each carry a unique and favorable style but there is always a lust to have more and more chic that previous one. We have shaped up a nice DIY pallet coffee table which has been raised on casters for… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Buffet Table

recycled pallet buffet table

Buffets are outdoor nature of table and often can be seen at outdoor for meals and dinners while there is going on a party, wedding or any social event. We have also handcrafted a DIY pallet buffet table for home family fun and night dinners. We have cleverly designed it using the stripped form of… [Read More]

DIY Beautiful Pallet Side Table

recycled pallet side table

Side table is the dearest creation of pallet wood that takes a huge part in living room decorations and also performs remarkably as a beverage support to you couches and sofas. We converted the rustic pallet wood into this DIY pallet side table through craft work at home. Endurance and durability is the main tag… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Wood Mantle Piece

recycled pallet mantle piece

Fireplaces are trend in every home especially in winters and do a great favor to home by providing the warmth. Mantle pieces to fireplaces also make a great impact and often have a custom built design. To get a sturdy mantelpiece on a thrifty budget, you should go for pallet wood reclaiming which is much… [Read More]

Rustic Pallet Wooden Coffee Table

recycled pallet coffee table with storage

Take a look on this rustic beauty which is much gracious component for the vintage home environment and cooperate very well with modern type of environment. Yes, we are talking about this DIY rustic pallet coffee table which is much functional and have been shaped up by putting some old and rustic pieces of pallets… [Read More]

Pallet Side Table with Metal Lamp Base

reclaimed pallet metal side table

Here we go with a enthralling crafting work which we done to attain an amiable and provocative wood pallet craft to signify our living room sofa. Yes, you picked it right we have manufactured a DIY pallet metal side table by reclaiming a metal base of a floor lamp some of pallet wood to be… [Read More]

DIY Chic Pallet Kitchen Side Table

recycled pallet kitchen side table

You can reform you whole kitchen with pallet wood by reclaiming the pallet kitchen racks, island table and this DIY pallet kitchen side table, these all make a great kitchen. We have not only reclaimed the pallet wood but two drawers from collapsed home furniture have also been reclaimed to make this wood pallet side… [Read More]

Antique Pallet Coffee Table with Glass Top

upcycled pallet coffee table

This rustic DIY pallet coffee table you are seeing has been handcrafted with pallet wood. There are many sources to look for pallet wood, nurseries, surroundings and shipping area are most common places where is a high probability to find the pallet wood. We have got pallets from the shipping area and made them repurposed… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Window Coffee Table

recycled pallet window table

Broken up home doors and windows can also be reclaimed by going a little bit creative toward the needs of home. We were lacking of a DIY pallet coffee table in the living room and at the same we take a glimpse on the collapsed window of home fixed with glass. We made it our… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Bar Table with Drawers

recycled pallet bar table

The people are lucky who have a wide and open outdoor that can be subjected for great parties and fun at summer nights. While talking about the fun and enjoyments and family how can we forget about a bar table. We have reclaimed this DIY pallet bar table out of pallet wood which is lush… [Read More]